Faculty of Education and Psychology

Ahmad Abedi, Ph.D

Associate professor
Department of Education and Psychology of Children with Special Needs
University of Isfahan
Azadi square
Isfahan, Iran
Postal code: 8174673441


Area of Study

   Ahmad Abedi currently works at the Department of Psychology & Education of People with Special Needs, University of Isfahan. Abedi does research in Gifted and talented Education, wisdom, creativity, cognitive psychology, psychological tests. The central focus of his research is on intelligence, creativity, Underachieving gifted studentsand wisdom.

Gifted students wisdom Creativity Underachieving gifted students


University of Isfahn [Isfahan, Iran]
Ph.D., Psychology

University of Isfahn [Isfahan, Iran]
M.A. , Educational sciences

University of Isfahn [Isfahan, Iran]
B.A. , Exceptional Children


My research lies at the Research Methods in Psychology, Measuring Intelligence, Counselling & Psychotherapy with Chidren and Adolescents and Behavior Therapy .


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Fallahiyeh,s; Fatehizade, M; Abedi, A, & Dayarian, M. (2021).The Effect of Intervention Based on Dweck’s Mind Set on Academic Expectations Stress among Gifted and Talented School Students . Journal of Cognitive Psycholog, Volume:8 Issue: 2, 2021, PP 46 -57.

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Moghtadaie, M ; Faramarzi, S; Ghamarani, A; & Abedi, A. (2021). Development of a Parenting Program Based on the Experiences of Mothers of Children with Specific Learning Disorder (SLD) and Assessment of its Effect on Parenting Stress and Children's Academic Emotions. Quarterly Psychology of Exceptional Individuals, Volume:10 Issue: 38, 2021, PP 33 -53.

Aslipoor, A; Kalantari, M; Samavatyan, H; & Abedi, A. (2021). Introduction a Cognitive Behavioral Therapeutic Package Based on Factors Affecting the Psychological Problems of Bereaved Children. Razi Journal of Medical Sciences, Volume:27 Issue: 199, 2021, PP 36 -49.

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18. Parisa Hariri, Ozra Etemadi , & Abedi, A. (2020). Investigation of Factors Affecting the Marital Intimacy of Veteran Couples: A Qualitative Study. Journal of Qualitative Research in Health Sciences, Volume:9 Issue: 3, 2020, PP 239 -250 .

Taheri, A; Manshaei, G, R; & Abedi, A. (2019). Comparison of the Effectiveness of Adolescent-Centered Mindfulness (MBCT) and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) on Self-Esteem and Sleep Disorder of Bereaved Adolescents. Counseling Research & Developments, Volume:19 Issue: 75, 2020, PP 34 -64.

Ghobadi, S; Shahrokhi,M , & Abedi, A. (2020). A Comparison of ESLE Web-Based English Vocabulary Learning Application with Traditional Desktop English Vocabulary Learning Application: Exceptional Learner Parents’ Point of View. International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching and Research, Volume:8 Issue: 33, 2020, PP 131 -146.

Teaching interests

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Gifted and talented education
Research methods in psychology
Behavior Therapy
Psychological Tests

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