Faculty of Education and Psychology

Ali Mansouri, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Department of Knowledge and Information Science
University of Isfahan
Azadi square
Isfahan, Iran
Postal code: 8174673441


Area of Study

    Ali Mansouri is an associate professor in the Department of Knowledge and Information Science. Faculty of education and Psychology, University of Isfahan. He has finished his PhD in Library and Information Science at University of Shaid Chamran in 2013 and has worked as a lecturer in the department of KIS in 2013. His main research interests are Scientometrics, Data Science, and Science and Technology studies.

Scientometrics Data Mining Text Mining Information Management Library and Information Science


University of Shahid Chamran [Ahvaz-Iran]
Ph.D., Library and Information Science

University of Shahid Chamran [Ahvaz-Iran]
M.A. , Library and Information Science

University of Shiraz [Shiraz- Iran]
B.A. , Library and Information Science


My research interests lie primarily in the area of Scientometrics, Data Science, and Science and Technology studies.


Scholarly Articles

  Ebrahimi Dorcheh, E., Mansouri , A., Pashootanizadeh, M., Mirbagerfard, A., Shabani, A.(2023).AEvaluation policies and criteria of humanities scientific outputs from experts' point of view: a case study of language and literature fields. Iranian Journal of Information Processing and Management,[in Press].

  Kamani, M., Mansouri , A.(2023).Analysis The State Of Cooperation Between University And Industry From The Aspect Of Financial Support. Scientometrics Research Journal,[in Press].

 Fathi, M., Shabani, A., Mansouri , A.(2023).Metaversity and Metaworth, Two Important Prerequisites to Prepare for the Metaverse. Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal),78585.

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  Mansouri , A., Mohammadpour, M.(2023).Determining Technology Life Cycle Prediction based on Patent Bibliometric Data. International Journal of Information Science and Management (IJISM),21(3):161-185.

 Fadavi Hoseini, F. Mansouri , A.(2022).The Role of Articles in Science–Technology Relationship: A Topic Analysis of Non-patent Literature (NPL) References. Serials Review,48(1-2):137-150.

  Zarmehr, F. Mansouri, A., & Karshenas Najafabadi, H. (2022).Scomparison of the Performance of Approaches in Discovering and Extracting E-Book Topics Iranian Journal of Information Processing and Management,URl:https://jipm.irandoc.ac.ir/article-1-4963-fa.pdf.

  Mansouri , A., Ebrahimi Dorcheh, E. (2022).Success Factors in Research Activities Based on the Experiences of Top Researchers. Scientometrics Research Journal,doi:10.22070/rsci.2022.16059.1581 .

  Ebrahimi Dorcheh, E., Mansouri , A., Pashootanizadeh, M., Mirbagheri Fard, A. A., & Shabani, A. (2022).Harms and Strategies for Evaluating Humanities Research Outputs: A Case Study of Language and Literature. Scientometrics Research Journal,doi:10.22070/rsci.2022.16133.1583.

  Akhavanhariri, E., Mansouri , A., & Karshenas Najafabadi. (2022).Identification of Hot Topics and Trends in Knowledge and Information Science, Based on Text Mining Techniques.Iranian Journal of Information processing and Management.38(2): 35-62

  Soleymani, N., Mansouri , A., Shabani, A., & Seyadat, A. (2022).Components of Research Data Management (RDM) in Academic Libraries. Librarianship and Information Organization Studies, 23(1):20- 39.

  Torabi, M., Pashootanizade, M., & Mansouri, A. (2021).Study of the Effective Factors on Technology Acceptance of Social Cataloging Apps by Postgraduate Students of Isfahan University Based on the UTAUT2 Mode.Library and Information Science, 11(1): 300- 321.

  Dehkhodaei, R ; Mansouri ,A; & Erfanmanesh, A. (2021). Investigating of Publishing skills in Scholarly journals in PhD students of University of Isfahan. Knowledge Retrieval and Semantic System, 7(26): 119-142.

  Mansouri, A., Zarmehr, F., & Karshenas, H. (2020).A Review of Text Mining Approaches and their Function in Discovering and Extracting a Topic.Human Information Interaction, 7(1): 15- 26.

  Zarmehr, F., Mansouri, A., & Karshenas, H. (2020).Topic Modeling and its Application in Research: A Review of Specialized Literature.Library and Information Science Research, 11(1):23-39.

  Baghmohammad, M., Mansouri, A., & Cheashmehsohrabi, M. (2020). Identification of Topic Development Process of Knowledge and Information Science Field Based on the Topic modeling (LDA). Iranian Journal of Information Processing and Management, 36(2): 297–328.

  Zarmehr,F., Mansouri, A., & Kazemi, M. (2020). Investigating the Social Capital of Public Library organization of Iran, using the social network analysis of the scientific communication of the staff of this Organization. Journal of Studies in Library and Information Science, 12(2).

  Mansouri, A., & Salimian Rezie, M. (2019). Examines the Factors of Attraction and Development of Donor’s Participation in Library Building. Journal of Studies in Library and Information Science, 26(2),2.

  Mansouri, A., & Soleymani Asl, N. (2019). Assessing Mobile Application Components in Providing Library Services. Electronic Library, 37(1): 49-66.

  Mansouri,A,.Forouzandehshahraki,M;&Erfanmanesh, A.(2018). Status and Factors Associated with Citedness of Scholarly Outputs by Patents for the Type 1 Medical Science Universities in Iran during the Years 2000-2015. Scientometrics Research Journal, 15(361): 126–131.

  Mansouri, A., Soheili, F., & Ghazvineh, P. (2018).The Status of Scientific Poverty of Islamic Countries’ Researchers in Medical Sciences. Scientometrics Research Journal, 4(8): 17–32.

  Mansouri, A., Javani, Z., & Pashootanizadeh, M. (2017).A survey on the Present Condition of Medical Patents in Islamic Countries. Library and Information Science, 13(652): 420–425.

Mansouri, A., Mohammadpour, M., & Hayati, S. (2017). How to Detect the Life Cycle of Technology in the Domain of Endoscopy Based on the Hidden Markov Model. Library and Information Sciences, 20(3): 95–121.

  Mansouri, A., & Soheli, F.(2017). A survey on Lag Time in Forming Knowledge Flow in Islamic Countries Patents. Journal of Studies in Library and Information Science, 9(21): 49–70.

  Mansouri, A., Tavakolizadeh Ravari, M., Makizadeh, F; & Tusi, Z. (2017). The Evolution of Technology; Case Study: Thematic Categories Analysis of RFID Patents. Iranian Journal of Information Processing Management, 33(1): 299–314.

More Articles


Osaerh, F., Soheili, F., & Mansouri, A. (2015).Scientometrics and Information Visualization. Isfahan: University of Isfahan.


Information Architecture
Introduaction to Scientometrics
Web Technology
Principles of Library Software Design
Management of Libraries Websits
Designing of Digital Libraries

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