Faculty of Education and Psychology

Azam Naghavi, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Department of Counseling
University of Isfahan
Azadi square
Isfahan, Iran
Postal code: 8174673441


Area of Study

Azam Naghavi is an Associate Professor in the Department of Counseling, Faculty of Education and Psychology, University of Isfahan. She has finished her PhD in Psychology at Monash University, Australia, and in 2014 moved back to Iran and started her work at the University of Isfahan. Since 2015, she is appointed as the representative of internationalization of the Faculty of Education and Psychology and made efforts in expanding the University’s relationships with the world’s universities. Her main research interests are mental health studies, and empowerment of people with special needs including people with disability or chronic illness, traumatized, minority and marginalized people.

Psychological Trauma Disability Studies Family Caregivers


Monash University [Monash-Australia]
Ph.D., Psychology

University of Isfahan [Isfahan-Iran]
M.A., Counseling

University of Isfahan [Isfahan-Iran]
B.A., Counselinge


My research interests lie primarily in the area of Psychological Trauma, Disability Studies, Family Caregivers.


Scholarly Articles

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More Articles


Ahmadi, F., Naghavi, A., & Boromand far, Z. (2020). Out of the Darkness: The Life Narratives of Homeless Women. Isfahan: Elm Gostaran.

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Naghavi, A., Ghorbani far, F., & Mohammadi, F. (2019). Self-care and Empowerment among Elderly people. Conference on Aging in Iran with a psychosocial perspective. Tehran, Iran.

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Fatehizade, M., Naghavi, A.,& Soltani, M. (2008). Work-life conflict and demographic characters of working women in Isfahan. Regional conference on marriage and family. Shahrekord University.

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Professional Membership

Psychology and Counseling Organization of I.R.Iran Iranian Counseling Association(ICA) Iranian Psychotherapy Studies Association (IPSA) American Psychological Association (APA)


Rehabilitation Counseling
Elderly Counseling
Addiction Counseling
Crisis Counseling

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