Faculty of Education and Psychology

Hamidreza Oreyzi, Ph.D.

Department of Psychology
University of Isfahan
Azadi square
Isfahan, Iran
Postal code: 8174673441



University of Shahid Chamran [Ahvaz-Iran]
Ph.D., Industrial Psychology

University of Shahid Chamran [Ahvaz-Iran]
M.A. , Educational Psychology

University of Isfahan [Isfahan-Iran]
B.A. , Pure Mathematics


My research interests lie primarily in the area of Personnel Psychology and Organizational Development.


Abedi, M., Mohammadi, S., Nilforoshan, P., & Oreyzi, H. (2021). Effectiveness of career counseling on Challenges for Women’s Occupation and the Quality of Their Occupational Life in Industry. Career and Organizational Counseling, 13(46): 9-24.

Halvaiepour, Z., Yazdkhasti, F., Oreyzi, H., & Nosratabadi, M.(2021). Developing Cognitive Bias Modification Scenarios for Women with Sexual Interest Arousal Disorder and Comparing Effectiveness with Mindfulness Therapy. Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, 47(2): 162-173.

Moosavi, Z., Moheby, N., Oreyzi, H., Asgharzadeh, M. (2021). The Analysis of the Role of Psychological Empowerment, Happiness at Workplace and Job Engagement in the Productivity of Employees of Isfahan Province Gas Company. Human Resource Management in the Oil Industry, 12(46), 219-239.

 Barati, H.,Oreyzi, H.R., & Shahir, E. (2020). Correlation of Job Characteristics with Positive (optimism, vitality and positive affect) and Negative (tension and impulsivity) Components of Psychological Well-Being among Employees of Isfahan Gas Transmission Company. Journal of Health Promotion Management, 9(2): 67-80.

 Oreyzi, H.R. , & Barati, H. (2020). The Role of Work Lifespan Positive Emotions in Determining Job Satisfaction Considering Cognitive-Motivational Mediators: A longitudinal study. Industrial and Organizational Psychology Studies, 7(1): 1-26.

 Oreyzi, H.R. , & Barati, H. (2019). Investigation of Demand-Resources-Support Job Design Model in the Industrial, Financial, Healthcare, and Public Workplaces. Psychological Research, 21(1): 62-83.

Barati, H., Oreyzi, H.R. , & Shahir, E. (2019). Translating and Measuring the Psychometric Properties of the “Job Impulsivity and Tension Scale” among Employees of Isfahan Gas Transmission Company. JHPM, 7(6): 62-72.

 Oreyzi, H.R.(2018). The Anticapital Theory of Corruption and Critique of Concept of Social Capital.Social Welfare, 18(69): 79-127.

  Oreyzi, H.R. (2017). Introduction to Empirical Research with Clustering Effects with a Focus on Unit of Analysis in Randomization and Treatment.Social Welfare Quarterly, 16(63): 215-245.

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 Oreyzi, H.R., & Barati, H. (2014). The Effect of Control Strategies and Work-Related Demands on the‎ Psychosomatic Complaints and Psychological Tension due to the‎ Modification of Human Resource. Journal of Research in Psychological Health, 8 (1): 10-20.

 Oreyzi, H.R., & Barati, H. (2014). Trust in Supervisor Mediator between Organizational Commitment and Commitment to Change. Journal of management studies in development & evaluation, 23(72): 1-22.

 Oreyzi, H.R., & Barati, H. (2013). Impact of Cognitive and Affective Trust on Commitment to Change: A Mediation Analysis. Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research, 3(9): 69-76.

More Articles


Oreyzi, H.R., Barati, H.(2021).Complexity and Evolution in Organizational Development.Isfahan :Sharghe Farda.

Farahani, H, & Oreyzi, H.R. (2009). Advanced research methods in humanities (applied approach). Isfahan: Jahad daneshgahi.

Oreyzi, H.R. , & Farahani, H. (2008). Applied Research Methods in Clinical Psychology and Counseling. Tehran: Danjhe.

Oreyzi, H.R. (2004). Job and Work Analysis Encyclopaedia.Isfahan:Jahad daneshgahi.

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