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Hamid Taher Neshat Doost, Ph.D

Department of Psychology
University of Isfahan
Azadi square
Isfahan, Iran
Postal code: 8174673441


Cognition & Emotion Cognitive Aspects of Emotional Disorders Autobiographical Memory Depression PTSD Happiness and Psychology at Work



My research interests lie primarily in the area of Cognition & Emotion, Cognitive Aspects of Emotional Disorders Autobiographical Memory, Depression, PTSD and Happiness and Psychology at Work.


 Tehranchi, A.,Neshatdoost, H.T., Amiri, S., & Power, M. (2021). Developing an Integrative Model of Positive Psychotherapy and Comparing its Effectiveness with CBT, and PPT in Improvement of Depressive Symptoms among Individuals with Major Depression. Rooyesh, 10(1): 75-86.

 Sadat Zia, M., Afkhami, E., Neshatdoost, H.T., Tavakoli, M., Mehrabi Kooshki, H., & Jobson, L. (2021). A brief Clinical Report Documenting a Novel Therapeutic Technique (MEmory Specificity Training, MEST) for Depression: A Summary of Two Pilot Randomized Controlled Trials.Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy, 49(1): 118-123.

 Aghaee Khajelangi, H.,Neshatdoost, H.T., Najafi, M.,& Mazi, M. (2020). Effectiveness of Compassion Focused Therapy on the Positive/Negative Affect and Hope in Multiple Sclerosis Patients. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 12(3): 1-12.

  Dehghan Manshadi, Z., Neshat Doost, H.T., Talebi, H., & Vostanis, P. (2020).Coping Strategies among Iranian children with experience of Sarpol-e-Zahab earthquake: Factor structure of children's Coping Strategies Checklist-revision1 (CCSC-R1). BMC Psychology, 8(1): 92.

  Sharifi, M., Neshat Doost, H.T., &Shayegannejad, V. (2020). ‘I want to be with you, but I have MS’: Challenges of Interpersonal Relationships from the MS Patients’ Point of View. Health and Social Care in the Community, 28(3):1030–1037.

 Poursaeid Esfahani, M., Tavakoli, M., & Neshatdoost, H.T. (2020). The Effectiveness of Autobiographical Memory Specificity Training on Depression and Co-Rumination in Depressed Students. Advances in Cognitive Sciences, 22(1): 25-35.

 Taghvaee, A.,Neshatdoost, H.T., Aghai, A., & Foruzandeh, E. (2020). Effectiveness of Life Management Integrated with Memory Specificity Training on Depression among Divorced Women. RBS, 18(1): 150-159.

 Faghihy, Z., Haji-Esmaeili, M., &Neshatdoost, H. (2020). Investigating Histrionic Personality Disorder in Islamic Doctrines and Comparing It with Psychological Findings. Researches of Quran and Hadith Sciences, 17(1): 185-215.

 Asadollahi, F.,Neshatdoost, H.T., Abedi, M., & Afshar, H. (2020). Comparing the Effect of the Combination of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Compassion Focused Therapy with Cognitive-Behavioral Analysis System of Psychotherapy on depressive symptoms, quality of life, psychological flexibility, and self-compassion in women with persistent depressive disorder. Clinical Psychology Studies, 10(39): 19-46.

 Fallahian, R., Aghaei, A., & Neshatdoost, H.T. (2020). Developing of the Native Model of the Effective Factors on Employees’ Happiness in Mobarakeh Steel Company in Isfahan. RBS, 18(4): 535-552.

 Azadeh, S., Mohammadi, J., & Neshatdoost, H.T. (2020). Explain the Effects of Physical Structure of Urban Neighborhoods on Mental Disorders by Content Analysis (Case study: Isfahan Metropolis). Geographical Urban Planning Research (GUPR), 8(4): 715-736.

 Tarkhan, M.,Neshatdoost, H.T.,& Tarkhan, M. (2020). The Effectiveness of Compassion Focused Therapy on Cognitive Flexibility and Social Sufficiency of Women with Marital Conflicts . Social Cognition, 9(2): 137-152.

 Noorifard, M.,Neshatdoost, H.T., & Sajjadian, I. (2019). The Effectiveness of Treatment- Cognitive Protocol of Mindfulness Combination with Memory Specificity Training (MEST) and Comparison of its Effectiveness with Mindfulness & Memory Specificity Training (MEST) on Anxiety in Hemodialysis Patients. RPH, 13(2): 1-19.

 Khaneghahi, S., Sajjadian, I., Kalantari, M. & Neshatdoost, H.T. (2019). Validation and Localization the Komar Positive Package and its Effectiveness on the Symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome. Journal of Modern Psychological Researches, 14(54): 75-91.

 Kalantari, M.,Neshatdoost, H.T., Oreyzi,, H.R., & bapiri, O. (2019). The Structural Equations Modeling of Relationship between Religiosity and Parenting Styles with Meaning in Life Based on Identity Styles in Female Adolescents. Quarterly Social Psychology Research, 9(33): 77-94.

 Naddafnia, L., Ebrahimi, A.,Neshatdoost, H.T. & Talebi, H. (2019). Comparison of Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Spiritual Therapy on Symptoms Intensity, Quality of Life, in Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. RBS, 17(2): 291-302.

 A. Mohammad Alizad, M.,Neshatdoost, H.T., Talebi, H., & Abedi, A. (2019). Effectiveness of Self-Regulation Intervention on Improving the Components of Academic Competence of Male and Female High School Students in Tabriz. New Educational Approaches, 14(1): 49-66.

 Noorifard, M.,Neshatdoost, H.T., & Sajjadian, I. (2019). The Effectiveness of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy on Anxiety and Depression of Hemodialysis Patients: A Clinical trial. RBS, 17(3): 424-433.

 Kianrad, N.,Neshatdoost, H.T., & Sarafraz, M.R. (2019). The Mediating Role of Self-Regulation in Perceived Stress in Mothers of Children Diagnosed with Cancer. RPH, 13(3): 15-30.

 naderi, K.,Neshatdoost, H.T., & Talebi, H. (2019). The Effect of Self-Regulation Strategies Training on Happiness in Students: Gender Comparison. Positive Psychology Research, 5(1): 41-54.

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Kendall , P.C., Suveg, C., Afshari, A., Amiri, SH. & Neshatdoost, H.T., (2014).Emotion-focused cogenitive behavioral therapy for anxious children: therapist manual workbook. Isfahan: jahade daneshgahi.

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Isfahani,M., Abedi,M.R., & Neshatdoost, H.T. (2008).Educational and practical guide to obsessive-compulsive disorder treatmen. Isfahan: Cultural scholars of knowledge.

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