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Maryam Fatehizade, Ph.D.

Department of Counseling
University of Isfahan
Azadi square
Isfahan, Iran
Postal code: 8174673441


Area of Study

    Maryam Fatehizade is a Professor in The Department of Counseling / Faculty of Education and Psychology in University of Isfahan.she has finished her PHD in Allameh Tabataba'i University in Iran.and started her work in University o Isfahan. Her main research interest are Premarital Assessment And Counseling, Marital And Couple Assessment And Therapy, Family Assessment, Counseling And Psychotherapy.

Premarital Counseling Marital Therapy Family Therapy


University of Allameh Tabataba'i [Tehran, Iran]
Ph.D., Counseling

University of Allameh Tabatabai [Tehran, Iran]
M.A. , Counseling

University of Isfahan [Isfahan, Iran]
B.A. , Consultingy


My research interests lie primarily in the area of Premarital Assessment And Counseling, Marital Assessment And Therapy, Family Assessment, Counseling And Psychotherapy.


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