Faculty of Education and Psychology

Reza Hoveida, Ph.D

Associate Professor
Department of Education
University of Isfahan
Azadi square
Isfahan, Iran
Postal code: 8174673441


Area of Study

 Reza Hoveida currently works at the Department of Psychology and Education, University of Isfahan, Iran. Reza does teach and research in Educational Leadership and Management.

Educational Leadership Quality Management in Education Teacher Leadership


University of Isfahan [Isfahan-Iran]
Ph.D., Educational Management

University of Tehran [Tehran-Iran]
M.A. , Educational Management

University of Isfahan [Isfahan-Iran]
B.A. , Educational Management and Planning


My research lies at the Educational Leadership, Quality Management in Education and Teacher Leadership .


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  Davarpanah, S.H., Hoveida, R., & Barnett, R. (2021). Investigating the Forms of Academic Creativity and the Expanding the Model of Creative University. Foundations of Education .10(2): 5-22.

  Hoveida, R., & Davarpanah, S.H .(2019).Role of Teacher Leadership in Improving Students' Problem Solving Skills with the Mediating Role of Creative Thinking. Journal of New Educational Approaches. 14(1).

  Davarpanah.S.H. , Hoveida, R., &Barnett.R. (2021). Identifying the Indicators of Learning and Pedagogical Creativity in Higher Education: A Qualitative Study. Studies in Learning & Instruction.12(2):184-206.

  Majdzadeh, M. , Hoveida, R.,& Rajaipour. S. (2020).Identifying and Validating Dimensions and Components and Assessing the Ethical Leadership of University Directors in the Viewpoints of the Faculty Members of the University. Journal of Management and Planning in Educational Systems. 12 (2): 267-294.

  Taheri.M. , & Hoveida, R.(2019). Introducing and Developing Reflective Leadership at Schools and Its Role in Improving Teachers' Self-Efficacy Beliefs. Journal of School Administration. 7( 2): 1-19.

  Hajkazemian. M. , Hoveida, R. , Abedi.A. , & Rajaipour.S.(2018). Analytical Review of Full-Time Grouping Student of Estedadhaye Derakhshan Schools. Journal of Applied Psychological Research. 9(1): 93-122.

  Hoveida, R. , Davarpanah,S.H., & rezaeian, H. (2017).Teacher Leadership and The Scale of its Measurement in Schools. Journal of School Administration. 5(2):217-236.

  Keikha, A. , Hoveida, R. , & Yaghoubi, N. M.(2017).The Development of an Intelligent Leadership Model for State Universities. Foresight and STI Governance (Foresight Russia). 11(1):66-74.

  Moghtadaie, L. , & Hoveida, R.(2015). Relationship between Academic Optimism and Classroom Management Styles of Teachers-Case Study: Elementary School Teachers in Isfahan. International Education Studies. 8(11): 184-192.

  Hoveida, R. , Shool, S. ,& Arefnezhad.M.(2014). Study of the Effect of Good Temperament and Quality of Work Life on Organizational Citizenship Behaviors. Reserches of Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences. 4(1):39-54.

Teaching interests

Professional activities


Educational Evaluation and Supervision
Quality Management in Education
Research Methods
Organizational Behavior and Human Relationship in Educational Administration
Theories of Management and Leadership
Foundations and Principles of Educational Management

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