Faculty of Education and Psychology

SayedAli Siadat, Ph.D

Department of Education
University of Isfahan
Azadi square
Isfahan, Iran
Postal code: 8174673441


Area of Study


University of Histon Texas [Texas- USA]
Ph.D. , Education Management

University of South Texas [Texas- USA]
M.A. , Business Management

National University of Iran (Shahid Beheshti) [Tehran- Iran]
B.A. , Economy



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Dolati, A., Siadat, SA., Aminbeidokhti, A., & Neyestani, M.R. (2021). An Analysis of the Social Participation of Universities in the Society with an Emphasis on Local Community Expectations. Journal of Applied Sociology the University of Isfahan, 32(1): 59-82.

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Salimi, M., Rajaeepour, S., Siadat, SA., & Bidram, H. (2021). Structural Model of the Impact of Organizational Intelligence and Quantum Management Skills on Organizational Agility Capabilities (A Study in Higher Education). Journal of Higher Education Letter, 13(52): 163-189.

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Bagherian far, M., Siadat, SA.,& Lohrabi, Y. (2018). Explaining Students Social Identity Indices Based on Using Mobile Messenger Apps (Case Study: Isfahan Undergraduate Students. Journal of Applied Sociology the University of Isfahan, 29(4): 79-98.

Assari, N., Siadat, SA., Abedini, Y.,& Monadjemi, SA. (2018). Fuzzy Multiple Attribute Decision Making Model for Selecting School Principals based on Managerial Competency Criteria in the Education Department of Isfahan Province. Quarterly Journal of Research in Educational Systems, 12(42): 77-96.

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Davarpanah, H., Siadat, SA., Afshar, M.H., &Rabiidolatabadi, H. (2016). Study and Comparison Relationship Between Pure Leadership and Organizational Climate (Consideration, Influence And Dynamism) At Isfahan And Herat University. Journal of Modern Thoughts in Education, 11(3):35-48.

Izadi, Kh., &Siadat, SA. (2016). Study the Relationship between Quantum MANAGEMENTwith Job Engagement and Job Adjustment among Employees at University of Isfahan. Journal of Modern Thoughts in Education, 11(3): 25-34.

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Moraddi Pordanjani, H.,& Siadat, SA. (2014). The Effect of Intellectual Capital and Organizational Intelligence on Knowledge Entrepreneurship Capabilities Faculty Members of Shahrekord University. Journal of Innovation and Enterpreneurship, 2(5): 87-100.

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More Articles


Heidari, M., Siadat, SA.,& Ghorbani DolatAbadi, M. (2019). Total Quality Management, Excellence and Agility in Organizations . Daroteb publication.

Naderi, N., Norouzi, RA.,& Siadat, SA. (2016). Policy in Education . Amokhteh publication.

Najafi, M., Siadat, SA., Rahimi, H., Yar Mohammadzade, P.,& Faghihi, S. (2013). Management and Leadership in Educational Organizations . Amokhteh publication.

Teaching interests

Financial Management in Educational Systems
Policy Making in Educational Systems
Management of Change & Organizational Development
Management & Leadership in Higher Education

Professional activities


Information Architecture
Introduaction to Scientometrics
Web Technology
Principles of Library Software Design
Management of Libraries Websits
Designing of Digital Libraries

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