Faculty of Education and Psychology

Shole Amiri, Ph.D.

Department of Psychology
University of Isfahan
Azadi square
Isfahan, Iran
Postal code: 8174673441


Area of Study

Developmental Psychology Child & Adolescent Clinical Psychology Positive Psychology


University of Tehran [Tehran-Iran]
Ph.D., Psychology

University of Tehran [Tehran-Iran]
M.A. , Psychology & Education Of Exceptional Children

University of Tehran [Tehran-Iran]
B.A. , Clinical Psychology


My research interests lie primarily in the area of Developmental Psychology, Child & Adolescent Clinical Psychology and Positive Psychology .


  Hosseini,M. D.,Amiri, S., Namdari, K., &Molavi, H.(2021). Effectiveness of Dugas’ Cognitive Therapy on Intolerance of Uncertainty, Cognitive Avoidance and Positive Believes about Worry in Generalized Anxiety Disorder.Journal of Sabzevar University of Medical Sciences, 28(4), 700-712.

  shahidi,L., Amiri, S., Ghamarani, A.,Manshaei, G., & Kashanizadeh, N.(2021).The Effect of Teaching Maternal-Fetal Attachment on the Boredom in First Pregnant Mothers.Medical Journal of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, 64(4), 3821-3831.

  Matin Khah, F., Amiri, S.,Mazaheri, M.A., & Ghanbari, S.(2021).The Effects of Mother-Child Discourse in Externalizing Problems, the Negative Mental Representation of Mother and Child, and the Narrative Coherence of Children With Externalizing Problems.Journal of Disabilities Studies, 11 (4), 1-8.

  Akbari, R., Amiri, S., & Mehrabi, H. (2021). The Effectiveness of Music Therapy on Reducing Alexithymia Symptoms and Improvement of Peer Relationships. International Journal of Behavioral Sciences , 14(4), 178-184.

  Tehranchi, A., Neshatdoost, HT., Amiri, S., & Power, M. (2021). Developing an Integrative Model of Positive Psychotherapy and Comparing its Effectiveness with CBT, and PPT in Improvement of Depressive Symptoms among Individuals with Major Depression. Rooyesh-e-Ravanshenasi journal (RRJ), 10(1), 75-86.

  Shakehnia, F., Amiri, S., & Ghamarani, A. (2021). The Comparison of Cool and Hot Executive Functions Profiles in Children with ADHD Symptoms and Normal Children. Asian Journal of Psychiatry, 55, 102483 .

 Eskandari, T.,Amiri, S., & Mehrabi, H.(2021).Effect of Mind Reading Training on Reducing the Symptoms of ADHD and Increasing Mind Reading in 8-9 Year Old Boys in Isfahan .Journal of Exceptional Children, 21(3), 31-42.

 Hoseini Tabatabaee, F.,Amiri, S.,& Nadi, M. A.(2021).The Effectiveness of Real Life Ethical Dilemmas Training on Adolescent's Moral Identity: Emphasizing on Gender Differences.Developmental Psychology: Iranian Psychologist, 17(68), 351-364.

  Mehboodi, M.,Amiri, S., & Molavi,H.(2021).The Mediating Role of Resilience in The Relationship Between Positive and Negative Emotional Expression in The Family and Adolescent Psychological Well-Being.Journal of Psychological Science, 2021, 20(102), 869-878.

  Moslehi, H.,& Amiri, S.(2021).Stability of Moral Emotion Attribution after Recall in Children: Happy Victimizer.Developmental Psychology: Iranian Psychologists, 17(66), 131-141.

 Moradi Siah Afshadi, M., Amiri, S., & Molavi, H. (2021).Predicting Depression by Attachment Styles, Emotion Regulation, and Affective Perspective-Taking in Adolescent Girls.Journal of Disabilities Studies, 148(11), 1-6.

  Hosseini, M., Amiri, S., Ghamarani, A., & Sajjadian, I. (2020). Identifying the Components of Bullying Prevention for Children in the Theory of Individual Psychology: A Qualitative Study. Quarterly Journal of Child Mental Health , 7(3), 219-233.

 Eskandari, E., Amiri, S., & Ghamarani., A. (2020). The Effect of Optimistic Attributional Style Training on Self-Efficacy of Normal and Dyslexic Boys. Advances in Cognitive Science , 22(3), 123-131.

  Abbasi, Z., Amiri, S., & Talebi, H. (2020). The Effectiveness of Modular Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (MCBT) on Reducing the Symptoms of Separation Anxiety in 6 and 7 Year Old Children. Clinical Psychology and Personality , 13(2), 51-64.

  Mahmoudian Dastnaii, T., Neshatdost, H., Amiri, S., & Manshaee, G. (2020). Comparing the Effectiveness of Schema Therapy and CBT on Eating Disorder Beliefs in Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa Patients Based on the Parental Bonding. Clinical Psychology and Personality , 16(1), 33-48.

  Ghassami, M., Amiri, S., Kalantari, M., & Talebi, H. (2020). The Role of Maternal Factors in the Development of Children's Behavioral Problems: Implications in Parenting. Clinical Psychology and Personality , 18(2), 21-36.

  Amiri, S., Abedi, A., & Khalaj, F. (2020). The Assessment of Factors Affecting Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts: A Qualitative Study . Journal of Qualitative Research in Health Sciences , 8(2), 170-182.

  Mehboodi, M., Amiri, S., & Molavi., H. (2020).Effectiveness of Emotion Regulation Training on Resilience and Problem Solving Styles on Adolescents under Dialysis. Biannual Journal of Applied Counseling , 10(1), 1-25.

  Ghassami, M., Amiri, S., Kalantari, M., & Talebi, H.(2020). Structural Model of the Relationship Between Maternal Attachment and Parenting Stress: Investigation of the Mediating Role of Maternal Mindfulness. JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCE , 19(85), 33-45.

  Hosseini, M., Amiri, S., Ghamarani, A., & Sajjadian, I. (2020). Effectiveness of Elvis's Bullying Prevention Program on Relationships with Peers and Bullying Behaviors of Bully Children. Iranian Journal of Pediatric Nursing, 6(4),S 86-94.

More Articles

Conference Articles

  Amiri, S. (2021).Participated .Jean Piaget Society Celebrating 50 Years CONSTRUCTIVISM Virtual Conference.(1-5 June)2021,Virtu.al, USA.

  Amiri, S. (2018).Prediction of Children Internalizing Disorder through Mother-child Relationship.126th Annual Convention American Psychological Association (APA).(9-11 August) 2018, San Francisco, USA.

  Akbari, R.,Amiri, S., Mehrabi, H.(2018).The Effectiveness of Music Therapy on Alexithymia Symptoms.126th Annual Convention American Psychological Association (APA).(9-11 August) 2018, San Francisco, USA.


Amiri, S., Tabaeeyan, S. R., ketabi, S. (2018).The Handbook of Spiritual Development in Childhood and Adolescence(Translated).University of Isfahan.

Shakehnia, F., Amiri, S. (2014). Raising Happy Confidence Kids (Translated).Jahad Daneshgahi.

Afshari, A., Amiri, S., & Taher Neshatdoost, H. (2013). Emotion-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxious Children: Therapist Manual (Translated). Jahad Daneshgahi.

Afshari, A., Amiri, S., & Taher Neshatdoost, H. (2013). Emotion -Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxious Children: Therapist Manual Workbook(Translated). Jahad Daneshgahi.

Latifi, Z., Amiri, S. (2011). Treatment of Children Anxiety Disorders. Jahad Daneshgahi.

Tabaian, SR., Amiri, S., & Kalantari. (2010). Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Compiled by Mehr Ghaem.

Teaching interests


Member of American Psychological Association(APA) (in USA)
Member of Jean Piaget Society (in USA)
Member of Association of Psychology (in Iran)
Board of Directors of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology (in Iran)
Board of Directors of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology (in Iran)
Vice President of the Iranian Family Psychology Association (in Iran).


Developmental Psychology (Ph.D.)
Developmental Psychology (MA)
Cognitive Development (MA)
Gifted and Talented Psychology (MA)
Maladjusted Children (MA)
Seminar on Exceptional Children (MA)
Neuropsychology (BA)
Neurophysiology and Endocrinology (BA)
Child Psychopathology (BA)
Seminar on Exceptional Children (BA)
Maladjusted Children (BA)
Gifted and Talented Psychology (BA)
Developmental Psychology (BA)

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