Faculty of Education and Psychology

Zohre Moosavi, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Department of Psychology
University of Isfahan
Azadi square
Isfahan, Iran
Postal code: 8174673441


Area of Study

Job Analysis Competencies Employee Psychology and Management Attitudes


University of Isfahan [Isfahan-Iran]
Ph.D., Psychology

University of Isfahan [Isfahan-Iran]
M.A. , General Psychology

University of Isfahan [Isfahan-Iran]
B.A. , Educate Exceptional children


My research interests Lie primarily in the area of Job Analysis, Competencies , Employee Psychology and Management, Attitudes.


Ghasemi, T., Oreyzi, HR., & Moosavi, Z. (2020). The Effect of Self-Control Training on Perceived Bullying and Job Performance of Female Employees at the Organization of Physical Education. Career and Organizational Counseling, 12(43): 33-50.

Mortazavi, N., & Moosavi, Z. (2019). Compare The Assessment Center (AC) In Occupations with High and Low Task Interdependence in the Individual and Team Empowerment. Research on Educational Leadership and Management, 3(12): 1-34.

Gheysari, S., Samavatyan, H., Nouri., A., & Moosavi, Z. (2017). Comparative Study of Occupational Information Network-based and Functional Job Analysis Methods in Determining the Individual Requirements of Jobs. Industrial and organizational psychology studies, 4(1): 43-58.

Mortazavi, N., Oreyzi, HR.,  Moosavi, Z., & abbaspour, A. (2017). Impact of Role Playing and Simulation of Simulation Exercises in Task-Based and Dimension-Based Assessment Centers in Employee's Performance. Career and Organizational Counseling, 9(33): 9-32.

Shabani Lokarani, N., Shayegh, J., Sadeghi, J., &Moosavi, Z. (2017). Detection of Coliform Bacteria, Determination of Phylogenetic Typing and Antibiotic Resistance Profile of Escherichia Coli in Qanats and Springs of East-Azerbaijan Province. Food Hygiene Journal’s, 7, 1(25): 43-54.

Soltan hoseini, M., Homaee, R., &Moosavi, Z. (2014). Measuring Occupational Attitude Among Sports Clubs Employees in Chaharcahal and Bakhtiare Province. Contemporary Studies On Sport Management, 3(6): 21-27.

Soltan Hoseini, M., &Moosavi, Z. (2012). The Survey of Relative Ratio of Knowledge Management on Organizational Health in Esfahan Physical Education Offices. Contemporary Studies On Sport Management, 2(3): 51-63.

Soltan Hosseini, M., Moosavi, Z., Abedi, A., & Sayyad Talaee, A. (2010). Study of the Relationship between Sport Ethics and Religious Beliefs as an Element of Spiritual Intelligence . Studies in Islam and Psychology, 5(8): 99-110.

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hosseini, M., naderian, M., homayi, R., & Moosavi, Z. (2009). The Relationship between the Quality of Work Life and the Organizational Commitment in Employees of Esfahan Physical Education Organization. Journal of Sport Management, 1(2): 167-347.

hosseini, M., Moosavi, Z., Mirsafyan, H., & Akbari Yazdi, H. (2009). The Relationship between Organizational Commitment and Locus of Control in Iranian Physical Education Academic Members. Journal of Sport Management, 1(1): 177-188.

Rahimi, F., Oreizi, HR., Moosavi, Z., Klantari, S., & Malekpoor, M. (2009). Explanation of the Relation between Organization Accommodation for Equal. Applied Sociology, 20(2): 133-154.

Abdullahian, E., Zohravi, T., & Moosavi, Z. (2001). A Comparison of TRH Results in Patients with Major Depression and those with other Psychological Disorders. IJPCP, 6(4): 23-32.

Teaching interests

Professional activities

Job Analysis & Assessment Center


Psychology and Counselling Organization Islamic Republic of Iran


Employee Psychology and Management
Advanced Social Psychology
Motivations and Emotions

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